Bücher neu und gebraucht für den Zeitabschnitt der Kupfersteinzeit / Chalkolithikum ca. 5.000 - 2.200 vor Christus
Anthropomorphic Representations in the Cucuteni-Tripolye Culture, von Monah, Dan
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Dan Monah (11 February 1943, † 21 September 2013) was a specialist in the Neo-Eneolithic of Romania and, in particular, of the Precucuteni-Cucuteni-Tripolye cultural complex, last affiliated with the "Institute of Archaeology of the Romanian Academy". His core body of work, consisting of seven books and more than one hundred articles published, primarily deals with coroplastic analysis as a mean of insight into the religion and art of the Neo-Eneolithic communities. With a unique approach to the study of what he formally named "the religious life of Cucuteni-Tripolye communities" Dan Monah was a staunch critic of the dominant cultural-historic paradigm and its natural interpretative consequences: the supremacy of typological description, the Cartesian ranking of religious systems from simple to complex, and the avoidance of "unclassable" occurrences. The present volume embodies his vision applied to the analysis of the Cucuteni-Tripolye anthropomorphic representations, resting on two structural pillars: an in-depth knowledge of a large body of history of religion literature, and an almost exhaustive inventory of the Cucuteni- Tripolye anthropomorphic representations, the result of over three decades of personal, patient and meticulous examination of the archaeological data. For those in his wake, Dan Monah&;s open and unprejudiced approach to the prehistoric imagery enclosed in this book constitutes a solid cornerstone on which further work can be built. Its pages should be turned, if not on account of the wealth of information inside, but for the author&;s pleasant and refreshing style at least.Englische Ausgabe,9. August 2016,443 Seiten,broschierte Ausgabe / TaschenbuchArchaeopress Archaeology

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TRIPOLYE TYPO-CHRONOLOGY Mega and Smaller Sites in the Sinyukha River Basin
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 Series: Scales of Transformation  The Tripolye phenomenon, which displays a specific artefact complex and an extraordinary settlement layout, is also known for its so-called ‘mega sites’. Five of the largest ‘mega’ or giant settlements measure between 150-320 ha in size. These, and other big settlements, are concentrated in the Sinyukha River Basin, which is a central part of modern Ukraine. In this region, more than 100 different Tripolye sites are known. The chronology of this region is the key to understanding not only the ‘mega-site’ phenomenon, but also the dynamics of spatial development within the Tripolye phenomenon in general. The central issue of this study focusses on the reconstruction of the Tripolye chronology in the Sinyukha Basin and its surrounding areas, including the chronology of individual mega-sites, the periodization of spatial Tripolye distribution, the development of ceramic styles, the lifetime of individual sites, and Tripolye settlements in time and space. Special attention is paid to the ceramics as one of the main sources for typo-chronologies. The obtained results provide a new view on the appearance, functions and the end of Tripolye, in general, and of large sites in particular.About Dr. Liudmyla Shatilo From 2006-2010, Liudmyla Shatilo attended the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and completed her Bachelor’s degree in History at the Department of Ancient World and Middle Ages, Historical Faculty. She continued her studies at the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, where she was awarded her Master’s degree in History with a major in Archaeology in 2012. From 2012-2015, she continued her research at the Institute of Archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences, Department of Eneolithic and Bronze Age Archaeology where she received the degree of kandidat istorichnih nauk in September 2017. From 2016-2019, she expanded on her research as a PhD student at the Institute of Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology, Kiel University in the CRC 1266 ‘Scales of Transformation – Human-Environmental Interaction in Prehistoric and Archaic Societies’ within the subproject ‘Population agglomeration at Tripolye-Cucuteni mega-sites’. She was awarded her PhD in April 2020.Free Access PDF zum DownloadOnline lesen2021,422 Seiten,broschiert / HardcoverSidestone Press

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